Participants say

The Summer School of Investigative Reporting at SSE Riga was previously held in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Each year it gathered 40 media representatives and received outstanding feedback.

We encourage you to take this opportunity and become a participant of the Summer School of Investigative Reporting at SSE Riga in 2017!

Jüri Estam
Jüri Estam - Communication consultant, researcher and writer based in Estonia

As a veteran of previous seminars on this discipline in various locations, here's the deal: if you're looking for a blue-chip learning experience, attending the Summer School of Investigative Reporting at SSE Riga is a good investment of time.

Since lectures and tips of the trade are provided by globally-known hands-on practitioners, working journalists, researchers and students who attend the Summer School get properly brought up to speed on cutting-edge investigative tools and techniques, either for the first time, or in the context of a refresher course involving new angles. Several journalism-related sessions in Riga have sold me on the quality, utility and relevance of the educational services provided by SSE Riga. Without fail, solid logistics and attentive staff make for good stays and enjoyable vibes at SSE Riga.

Šarūnas Černiauskas
Šarūnas Černiauskas - Head of Investigative Journalism Department at

The knowledge I gained significantly improved my skills in investigative reporting. Thanks to these skills, I managed to produce numerous high quality stories which had a significant impact in Lithuania.

At the Summer School of Investigative Reporting at SSE Riga I obtained the best practical knowledge I ever got during my career in journalism. The lecturers were simply amazing, and meeting people with the same addiction to investigative reporting was an additional bonus for me. The Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga is doing formidable work for the benefit of journalism in the region.

Sigita Purytė
Sigita Purytė - Reporter at Lithuanian daily "Lietuvos rytas"

I returned to my daily tasks refreshed and renewed.

When I decided to apply for the Summer School of Investigative Reporting at SSE Riga, I had no idea what to expect. People I met at the Summer School inspired me and lectures that I attended gave me a new perspective on my work. I discovered that there is so much space for me to grow!

Laura Mallene
Laura Mallene - Reporter at weekly newspaper “Eesti Ekspress”

It was a great pleasure to learn from these experienced journalists.

The Summer School of Investigative Reporting at SSE Riga was truly inspirational - the lectures gave me courage and made me push myself even harder.

Gedert Gelzis
Gedert Gelzis - Freelance reporter

The Summer School provides an excellent meeting place for journalists from the Baltic States, Scandinavia and other European countries to meet, to exchange ideas and to promote journalistic cooperation.

I participated in the Summer School in 2013 and I certainly look forward to participating in the next one. The three-day programme passed really quickly because of the great courses and the wide range of top-rated specialists lecturing on web investigative research, organised crime reporting and other very crucial topics for journalists. I am really glad that the Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga offers such a superb summer school for journalists!

Marta Cerava
Marta Cerava - Head of Online News ( at Radio Latvia and TV Latvia

I can say that thanks to SSE Riga I haven`t stopped my personal growth as a journalist.

I have always gladly used the opportunity to take part in the Summer School of Investigative Reporting at SSE Riga. The lecturers are highly skilled practical journalists and experienced academics that always give me inspiration and knowledge to continue working and improve my results. The Summer School provides an opportunity to widen horizons without leaving the country because of both the classes and the interpersonal communication developed with classmates.

Rolands Feldmanis
Rolands Feldmanis - Freelance journalist,
owner of Baltijas Zinatnu Nams,
managing partner of Broks Capital Partners

The additional edge of the Summer School is the international networking opportunities.

The lecturers presented not only theoretical background, e.g. writing and investigation methods, but also offered practical insights from very experienced journalists. I am looking forward to the next Summer School session.

Hans Strandberg
Hans Strandberg - Reporter at the “Dagens Arbete” which is one of the leading newspapers of Sweden.

I have been to lots of conferences on investigative journalism – but this was great! A pleasure to learn from international giants in pleasant surroundings.